Hotels dressed in cowhide

Walking barefoot on a soft and warm texture can be one of the pleasures that guests can enjoy when visiting a luxury hotel. That is why San Telmo Design cowhide rugs are the ideal material to create an intimate touch in all the private areas of a design hotel.By decorating rooms and suites with carefully selected cowhide rugs, like the ones produced by San Telmo Design, a guest’s overnight stay becomes a cosy experience, both to the sight ant the touch. The usually cold ambient of a hotel looses that impersonal feeling and looks dressed, alive, welcoming.

Besides their unique and distinctive qualities, cowhide rugs have one important feature: they are naturally resistant to liquid stains as it doesn’t penetrate the leather. This characteristic makes San Telmo Design cowhide rugs perfect to use in contexts where guests can be relaxed. All it takes is some vacuum passes in low speed to remove the dust and to keep the hide lively and fluffy. In a worst case scenario, stubborn stains can be easily wiped off with a cloth soaked in water and mild soap. Another important feature of these rugs is that their reverse side of soft suede adheres perfectly to any floor surface and therefore they don’t require any extra rug pad to be placed underneath.

Our cowhide, besides being acquired for hotels and contract spaces are also requested by decorators and interior designers to give a special touch to some homes.

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