Decorating Nordic style


Even though there are many names to identify it and of course several different variants that have expanded throughout the years, the Nordic or Scandinavian interior design style can always be spotted by its clean lines and functionality. It is a style that groups simplicity and beauty within a warm framing. Natural light plays a key role in Nordic spaces, while tones are usually soft and ornamentation is mostly minimal.

The preferred materials used in this type of decoration are honest and natural, like wood which is present in almost all surfaces, from floors to walls to ceilings. This is why wall to wall carpets are never used while decorating in Nordic style. On the other hand, a cowhide rug like the ones offered by San Telmo Design matches the wooden floors perfectly, enhancing the natural textures and properties of both elements. Cowhide rugs are a complement to the flawless lines of Nordic design and offer a touch of boldness and liveliness to the décor.

Thanks to this style’s strong connection with nature, one could describe a room decorated with Nordic style as a “landscape”. This style has been adopted in all corners of the world, and today architects of every continent propose it for their most elegant projects, for home as well as public spaces like restaurants and cafeterias.

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