Fabrics and patchwork cowhide rugs

A patchwork cowhide rug like the ones produced by San Telmo Design is an important decoration element by itself. Some models can create stunning contrasts in spaces that are predominantly neutral, while other rugs can actually flow with the rest of the décor. The textiles used in a room are one of the linking elements that connect a patchwork cowhide rug with the rest of the decoration items. All the fabrics from the curtains, sofas, chairs and cushions interact with the textures and patterns of the patchwork rug that is at the base of the décor.

To bring the attention towards the rug, the surrounding fabrics should be neutral, minimal and even serious, with regular tones and very few decoration patterns. White and clean colors are usually ideal to match with rugs that require contrast and attention. If the idea is to underline or recall the patchwork rug’s texture, then the fabrics used in higher areas of the room should be a little fluffier, like suede and velvet, which used in cushions over sofas or chairs give a sort of sensorial continuity to one of the many beautiful San Telmo Design patchwork rugs.

Finally, interior design is about experimenting with new ideas, so these of course are not strict rules to follow. The combination of different patterns, textures and colors can create unique and particular rooms anywhere.

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