BKF: the global, timeless chair

Silla Bkf

The BKF chair perfectly represents the current global world, even though it was created long before the “global” concept was coined. Back in 1938 three young architects (one Catalan and two Argentinean)  combined their ideas to create this unique and timeless chair. Their names were Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari (hence the name of the chair, BKF by their initials) and all of them were disciples of famous Swiss-French designer Le Corbusier.This melting pot of nationalities gave birth to a design that was immediately appreciated by Edgar Kaufmann Jr., the director of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Mr. Kaufman not only stated that this chair was one of the “best efforts of modern chair design”, but also predicted that the BKF model would be a very popular chair in the USA. And so it was: during the 50’s an approximate of five million chairs of this model were produced.

The story of fame of the BKF chair started in the exhibition “3er Salón de Artistas Decoradores” which took place in Buenos Aires during 1940. An icon of modern and global times was born. And today, using a variety of materials like leather, leather with hair and canvas, San Telmo Design proudly celebrates this universal and timeless chair. We offer a wide variety of SKF chairs that fit any decoration requirements. That’s why already private clients as well as interior decorators, architects and furniture shops buy them from San Telmo Design.

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