Unique cowhide rugs in home design

Alfombras de piel natural de San Telmo Design

Creating a unique decoration in a luxurious home can be an interesting and challenging project to a designer. One of the ways to achieve an astonishing result is using a natural cowhide rug that is genuinely unique because it is based on nature’s patterns. The shades and simple designs of cowhide rugs give any decor a sumptuous touch that convey personality and  warmth.
These eclectic rugs are considered a classic decorating item, but at the same time they add a dynamic and bold feeling to any style of home. A cowhide rug from San Telmo Design can last a lifetime and it is very easy to maintain thanks to its inherent properties. It is naturally repellant to liquid stains, as they don’t penetrate the skin, and its reverse side of soft suede adheres perfectly to any floor surface. All the varieties available at San Telmo Design together with the uniqueness of each rug makes decorating a home with them an enjoyable experience: it will bring texture to the rooms, turning a neutral space into a vibrant living area.

These results are based on San Telmo Design’s commitment to quality, which means knowledgeable craftsmanship behind every production step. An extremely important key to a high quality rug is a thorough tanning procedure, which is ensured for every San Telmo Design product. The tanning process is made only by sustainable and environmentally conscious tanners of Argentina. We select for our clients the best design and quality of each skin and work the most beautiful compositions to make of every rug an outstanding decoration item.

Our carpets, besides being acquired for homes, are also required in hotels, shops and other contract spaces.

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